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At Piamistry School of Music, we hold annual musical recitals to demonstrate the musical skills
that our children are learning. Recitals also allow the students, parents, and audience to develop proper concert etiquette. Proper decorum and etiquette of all parties
involved show respect for the hard work and time instructors and performers put into preparation
that the audience hopefully enjoys.

Spring Recitals

The purpose of this recital was to highlight the musicality of the students. The students were asked to demonstrate their abilities and progress to their family and friends while informing guests of musical techniques and demonstrating dynamics on the piano.

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NFMC Festivals

Piamistry School of Music is a junior club member of the NFMC. At these events, students are required to play selected musical pieces that represent their level of playing ability. Each student is prepared to perform in front of judges who critique them on their performance. Students are then ranked nationally with ratings such as excellent and Superior ratings while their overall scores and points follow them to other schools.


Participating consequently in festivals allows students to qualify for Gold Cups and Cash Awards. Not only do festival events expose students to a community of fellow musicians but also provide a chance to witness the students' progress and motivate them to continue working towards becoming more efficient at the piano.

Summer Student Major Recitals 

Major recitals afford the student the opportunity to collaborate alongside professional musicians who are featured as special guests!

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Watch Last Years Recital

Piamistry School of Music  Student Major Recital featuring Hip Hip Violinist Joy Black & Dancer/Choreographer Eryn Cade held at Samford University Jane Hollock Brock Hall

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