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Some say “Music is the universal language.” Music has a unique power all on its own. Music can make you laugh, make you cry, make you angry, make you love, make you hate. It has the power to take you to places.

Have you ever thought that you would want to be the creator of that extraordinary power? Have you ever thought you had a hidden musical ability but didn’t know how to get it out of you? Have you ever wanted to experience the power of music first hand?

I, Seth have seen her do amazing things as a teacher. I have been playing piano since I was 5 years old and even minored in piano in college. I have witnessed Ahmun’s students perform, and she has them playing things after a year's worth of lessons that it took me 20 years to learn how to play. She has a natural talent to take things that may seem overwhelming to her students and simplifying them making it easier and more fun for her students to learn.

Ahmun has opened a brand new piano studio right here in Bessemer called Piamstry, and it is located at Watermark 4500 Katies Way, Suite 650 Bessemer, AL 35022.

Are you or your children interested in playing the piano? Do you have a passion to learn? Now is the time to put that interest and passion to use! She is currently accepting new students of all ages to share in the love of music! But you better hurry up and sign up because the spaces are limited and they are going fast. You can visit her website at or facebook page to get more information.

-Seth Holloway

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Piamistry was birthed from a vision, inspired by the grace of an old Grand Piano. Appearing to be dilapidated and out of tune, Ahmun challenged its humble appeal. Scaling across the keys, the piano started to produce a beautiful melody that resonated in the ears of the residents. Without notice, Ahmun continued to perform the riveting piece; suddenly, the applause was granted. The residents were so intrigued by the performance, they invited her back for an encore. The music was so stimulating; some danced, sang along, and even cried to the musical tune spreading across the room. A nurse noticed a young patient bound to a wheelchair with tears of joy lapping from her face.


“ She hardly ever talks or moves, but when you played, she did!"


Little did Ahmun know, she was performing music therapy, restoring life and bringing back nostalgic memories once again. 


 This event motivated her to start her own business as a classical solo pianist and named it, "PIAMISTRY". 

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Piamistry School of Music is designed to extend the musical background of the student by introducing them to the world of music through instruments such as the piano, guitar, voice, and music production. All ages are welcome to express themselves in a judgment-free environment.

It is the vision to teach true Musicianship which combines the “thinking” and the “feeling” of great music-making. Musicianship includes the approach to an instrument. It's the ability to develop a great musical mind, along with the physical ability to bring what's in your mind out into reality.

The purpose behind PIAMISTRY is to teach not only how to play an instrument but to be taught how to appreciate various styles of music, build stage presence and confidence, how to cultivate their skills/talents to utilize them as a young entrepreneur.


It is the business of PIAMISTRY to advocate entrepreneurship and inspire creativity while developing leaders; to highlight and promote youth talent and bring awareness to important figures in the community, as an umbrella, to align with the vision that is established.

Piamistry is recognized as a Junior Club of the National Federated Music Club 

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